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Kexit: How Kurdish Independence Could Reshape the Middle East

September 22, 2017  •  The National Interest

As world leaders gathered in Turtle Bay, New York, for the annual United Nations General Assembly convergence, there was no shortage of international crises to address. The nuclear issues with North Korea and Iran rightfully dominated President Trump's first speech before the UN gathering, however, Middle East challenges tend to present themselves regardless of the American political calendar or presidential preferences. Surely, there must be a bumper sticker somewhere that reads, "The Middle East Happens." And it does. The Middle East happens whether the U.S. is prepared or not, and quite often independent of any American action. One such fast-approaching issue is the vote on Kurdish statehood.

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Egyptian Middle East Peace Efforts, Hezbollah's Drones, and the Syrian Challenge to Israel

September 19, 2017  •  Perspectives with Denise Wood / i24News

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Denise Wood on i24News "Perspectives" to discuss Egyptian President al-Sisi's meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York and Egyptian attempts to facilitate Fatah-Hamas reconciliation. Egyptian-Israeli cooperation and relations are at a historic high level and the two leaders see eye to eye on many important issues, not the least of which is combating radical Islamist terrorism. One can't blame al-Sisi for staking out a role as peacemaker but it likely won't compel Israelis or Palestinians to take dramatic steps in that direction. Attempts at Fatah-Hamas reconciliation are also unlikely to bear fruit as the latest Hamas initiative was designed to undercut PA leader Abbas while he's in New York at the UN. One also shouldn't forget that the last flirtation with reconciliation provided the final torpedo that sunk the previous push for peace in 2014. Brodsky also discusses the latest Hezbollah drone that Israel shot down, which reflects the basic tit for tat and back and forth that exists between the two. The strategic decision of war and peace, however, rests in Tehran and Jerusalem--it's not Hezbollah's choice to make. An area of concern going forward is Syria, where Israel has had a relative free hand in striking Iranian weapons shipments since the civil war erupted in 2011. Should Assad regain control of all of Syria, will it curtail Israel's ability to strike there? Would the international community view such a strike as an attack against a sovereign nation -- even though Assad and Hezbollah are merely Iranian puppets?

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Russia, Turkey, and Iran Reach Another Deal in Syria

September 15, 2017  •  Crossroads with Michelle Malkori & David Shuster / i24News

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Michelle Malkori and David Shuster on i24News "Crossroads" to discuss the latest deal on Syria reached between Turkey, Russia, and Iran. He explains the significance of the ceasefire in Idlib and how it helps Assad's forces on the other side of the country in Deir ez-Zor and offers suggestions for how the Trump administration could begin to push back on Iran's regional gains outside of the nuclear deal. Brodsky also describes the Turkey-Russian-Iran alliance as something that is likely temporary where Turkey will probably end up holding the short end of the stick before long.

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Hezbollah Declares Victory in Syria and the Future of the Iran Deal

September 12, 2017  •  Debrief with Nurit Ben / i24News

President Trump promises a hard line on Iran but also says ISIS is the only U.S. priority in Syria. How do those two policies line up? Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Dr. Ely Karmon of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, Israel on i24News "Debrief" with Nurit Ben. They discuss Hezbollah's recent declaration of victory in Syria and reaffirm the reality that Hezbollah is a part of Iran--not merely a proxy. Brodsky explains that there is no plan yet from the Trump administration to push back kinetically or otherwise against Iran in Syria. Therefore, it may well be up to Israel to establish its new red lines in Syria. They also expand on the significance of the recent Israeli strike north of Hama in Syria against a weapons facility believed to be involved in chemical weapons. Brodsky also previews the likely path President Trump will take on the nuclear deal with Iran when certification time comes up again on October 15.

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North Korea, Iran, and Syria: The Strategic Partnership

September 7, 2017  •  Secure Freedoom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio to discuss his latest articles published in the National Review, "The North Korean Axis of Middle East Proliferation" and the Jerusalem Post, "Going MAD is Not the Answer to North Korea." Brodsky describes the nature of the Kim regime and the problems with deterring North Korea. Brodsky also explains how North Korea has had longstanding strategic cooperation agreements with Iran and Syria when it comes to weapons and nuclear technology. How the Trump administration handles the challenge in Pyongyang will have major implications for how Tehran responds to additional U.S. pressure.

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