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Trump Administration Withholds $65 Million from UNRWA after Inflammatory Abbas Speeches

January 17, 2018  •  Perspectives with Tracy Alexander / i24News

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Senior Diplomatic Correspondent Nina Larsen on i24News "Perspectives" with Tracy Alexander to discuss the Trump administration's decision to slash American funding to the UN Relief Works Agency (UNRWA), the corrupt UN agency ostensibly charged with providing for Palestinian refugees but which also provides cover for the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza among other abuses of its mandate. Brodsky explains why cutting its funding is in both America's and Israel's interest.

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Trump Extends Waivers on Iran Nuclear Sanctions for Now - What Comes Next?

January 12, 2018  •  The Rundown with Nurit Ben and Calev Ben-David / i24News

What's in store for the nuclear deal with Iran now that President Trump has extended the waivers on nuclear sanctions again, effectively keeping the U.S. in agreement? Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Dr. Emily Landau, Director of the Arms Control and Regional Security Program and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies on i24News "The Rundown" with Nurit Ben and Calev Ben-David to discuss the issue and what is fueling the Trump administration's decisionmaking over the nuclear arrangement.

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The Jerusalem Debate
Four panelists weigh in for a feisty discussion on the facts... and fake facts.

December 12, 2017  •  The Heat / CGTN America

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins anchor Anand Naidoo with panelists Omar Baddar, the Deputy Director of the Arab American Institute; Sahar Aziz, a law professor at Rutgers University and John Bennett, a White House Correspondent for Roll Call to debate President Trump's Jerusalem decision and to discuss the latest developments in the region and the ongoing conflict. Warning: It gets heated.

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The Jerusalem Fiction
Pretending that Israel's capital is not in Jerusalem hasn't helped the peace process one bit.

December 12, 2017  •  National Review

President Trump's recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and begin the process of moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv does more than fulfill a campaign promise. It corrects a historic imbalance in U.S. policy and removes accumulated scar tissue that has restricted the flow of new perspectives after a quarter century of U.S.-mediated peace negotiations. It necessitates challenging old and worn assumptions on one of the issues at the heart of the conflict: the Jerusalem fiction.

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Collaborative Middle East Proliferation; Tehran Filling the Syrian Vacuum; Safeguarding Israel's Golan Heights

December 11, 2017  •  Secure Freedom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show

How are North Korea, Iran, and Syria working together on collaborative weapons and technology proliferation? In what way is Tehran filling the power vacuum in Syria? How can Israel safeguard the Golan Heights and what will become the new rules of engagement in Syria? Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio to discuss these issues and more.

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