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The Media's Palestine Narrative Reads Like Fan Fiction
Recent events in Gaza demonstrate the growing chasm between reporting and reality.

May 25, 2018  •  The Weekly Standard

Regardless of how one feels about Israel or the Palestinian quest for statehood, establishing what happened should have been a straightforward task given the abundance of verifiable evidence as the events unfolded. Unfortunately, this grotesque failure to report facts accurately or put them in context reached this point after several decades during which news outlets cemented the conflict narrative as a story focused on Israeli actions alone.

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How Russia Benefited From Israel's Airstrikes in Syria

May 20, 2018  •  The National Interest

Russian president Vladimir Putin further cemented his position atop the Syrian power pyramid as a result of Israel's massive air campaign that targeted Iran's positions and Assad's air defenses. Dubbed by Israeli military planners as "Operation House of Cards," it was the most extensive aerial assault by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) in Syria since October 1973. Whether Jerusalem's impressive military success translates into a political triumph will be determined by how Tehran responds going forward, but there is little doubt Iran suffered a major setback in a week already full of monumental disappointments. In the meantime, Putin's strategic position in the Middle East has been enhanced and all he had to do was say, "Yes," to Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu.

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Growth Without Peace: The Israeli Economy Amidst the Unrest

May 14, 2018  •  Global Business with Susan Roberts / CGTN America

Amidst Gaza unrest and regional upheaval, the Israeli economy keeps plugging along with impressive success. What role is the technology sector playing in the evolving economic landscape? Matthew RJ Brodsky joins anchor Susan Roberts on CGTN America's "Global Business" to discuss what the prospects are like for Palestinians, the barriers to further economic partnerships, and addresses the question of what makes Israel an economic island of stability in region of saturated instability.

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The Embassy Move to Jerusalem and Gaza Riots Explained

May 14, 2018  •  Dr. Drew Midday Live with Lauren Sivan / 790 KABC Radio

The U.S. makes the legal decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and Gaza explodes. But everything is not as it seems and reality is likely not what you've heard. Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Dr. Drew Pinsky and Lauren Sivan on KABC Radio "Midday Live" to discuss the U.S. embassy move and the Hamas-planned Gaza riots that most mainstream media believe are a grassroots protest movement. Brodsky gives a quick history lesson, provides the context, and explains what is driving the overreaction in Gaza, the West Bank, and the international community -- all in just under 15 minutes.

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Was Trump Right to End the Iran Deal?
A Contentious Americano Debate

May 13, 2018  •  The Spectator's Americano Podcast

When it comes to Iran and the nuclear arrangement it agreed to under the Obama administration, author, historian, and Professor Emeritus of International Relations and History at Boston University, Andrew J. Bacevich Sr. believes that the nuclear deal was working and should have been kept in place; the verifications and inspections regime was sufficient; the decision to leave the deal shows the U.S. is beholden to Israeli and Saudi interests; Iran is not a regional menace; the U.S. is the cause of Middle East instability; and walking away from the deal goes against the wishes of the Iranian people whom he thinks are best served by working with the regime in Tehran. Matthew RJ Brodsky disagrees on every single point and explains why in a frank exchange hosted by Freddy Gray, deputy editor of the Spectator on the Americano Podcast.

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