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Trump Surrenders Remaining Leverage in Syria with Additional Withdrawal Order

October 14, 2019  •  Take :30 with Derricke Dennis / i24News

According to Axios, Trump called President Erdogan's bluff regarding Turkey's planned invasion of northern Syria and got it catastrophically wrong. What began as a pull back of some 50 to 100 U.S. soldiers near the border with Turkey turned into hasty White House order for a full retreat with a withdrawal order for all U.S. service members - around 1,000 - in Syria, east of the Euphrates River. Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Derricke Dennis on i24News "Take :30" to discuss how on every conceivable level, these developments are terrible for the United States.

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The Politics, Process, and Policy in Trump's Syria Shift

October 10, 2019  •  Newsy

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Newsy for an in-depth interview on Trump's problematic decisions on the U.S. role in Syria.

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Canards, Straw Men, and Trump's Other Syria Options

October 10, 2019  •  ClearCut+ with Derricke Dennis / i24News

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Senior Washington Correspondent Dan Raviv and Derricke Dennis on i24News "ClearCut+" to discuss the options President Trump explained he's considering for America's role in Syria.

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The Case Trump Should - and Shouldn't - Make for U.S. Policy in Syria

October 10, 2019  •  i24News Desk with Ayman Sikseck

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins defense correspondent Jonathan Regev and anchor Ayman Sikseck on i24News Desk to discuss what the implications of the president's policy shift could mean for Israel and the future of ISIS. Brodsky explains the case for Syria policy President Trump should and shouldn't be making.

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Turkey's Military Offensive in Syria Follows Trump's Withdrawal Order

October 9, 2019  •  The Debate / France 24

Just three short days after a phone call with President Erdogan that led Donald Trump to order the withdrawal of U.S. forces from northeast Syria, Turkey's military offensive is underway. Turkish fighter jets are reportedly bombing positions across the border and Recep Tayep Erdogan announced the launch of a ground offensive, shrugging off calls for restraint from NATO allies, Iran, Russia, among others. In Washington, Senate Republicans have broken ranks with the U.S. president's Syria decision and warned of sanctions against Turkey.

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