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The Palestinian ICC Drama Show
Palestinian membership in the ICC is bad for Israel, the United States, and those who profess to want a Palestinian state.

April 23, 2015  •  The National Interest

With the "State of Palestine" officially becoming a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague on April 1, the murky peace process with Israel just became cloudier. While the move clearly appears damaging to Israel, it is also bad for the United States, the ICC, and those who profess to want a Palestinian state.

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Can Sanctions on Iran 'Snap Back'?

April 15, 2015  •  The Huffington Post

President Obama has assured an apprehensive American public that if Iran breaches the terms of a final nuclear deal, he will "snap back" the sanctions. The practical problem is that no such mechanism exists in the U.S. and such a regime wouldn't work on an international level. Removing UN sanctions will cause the international framework to collapse and undercut America's ability to regulate the pace of sanctions relief, at a time when economic pressure appears to be the only leverage the U.S. has left at its disposal.

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'Framework Iran' Sequel Leaves Audiences and Critics Confused

April 11, 2015  •  The Times of Israel

Excitement was growing, anticipation was building, and the sleepless press was frenzied, waiting for the release of the next installment of "The Iran Talks" series. As soon as Framework Iran was announced, key differences emerged in the interpretation of the original story. The release in Tehran didn't match the screenplays in Washington and Paris, and those versions were incongruent with that seen in Lausanne. At the same time, portions of the framework were hauntingly familiar, leaving audiences and critics with a case of déjà vu. Its uninspired 2015 working title, "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action" (JCPOA), appeared to be a cheap reprise of the previous release in "The Iran Talks" series, the 2013 "Joint Plan of Action" (JPOA). It turns out that Iran's track record of creating a more accurate screenplay that reflects the original story, is far better than the United States. Nevertheless, the battle over which version of the Framework Iran screenplay is more authentic hardly matters since the book itself is so bad.

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Lessons from Israel's Elections

March 26, 2015  •  The Huffington Post

No matter how one feels about the results of the Israeli elections, one thing is clear: U.S.-Israeli relations are veering towards a head-on collision over the issues of Iran's nuclear program and the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. They were likely a major factor behind Israel's high voter turn out that stood at 71.8 percent -- the highest participation rate since 1999 when Labor's Ehud Barak defeated Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu after his first term as prime minister. A deeper look at the results reveal some important lessons from this election as well.

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The Two-State Solution and the White House Tantrum

March 24, 2015  •  The Times of Israel

Contrary to the current political spin coming from the White House and amplified by mainstream media, what Netanyahu said was not a reversal of his previous acceptance of the two-state solution. Aside from the regional situation that makes a final status agreement unlikely, this new fable promoted by the White House seeks to obscure both the Palestinian and American role in the current negotiating impasse. This new nadir in U.S.-Israeli relations, which Obama is promoting for personal reasons, risks dire global consequences.

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