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The Clinton Emails and the Iran Lobby

September 4, 2015  •  The Huffington Post

The release of another batch of Hillary Clinton emails, courtesy of the State Department, provides an opportunity to glimpse inside the formation of the Obama administration's approach to Iran in the early days of his presidency. They illuminate the important role a pro-Iranian lobbying group played in shaping U.S. policy. The Obama administration is not just onboard with their positions, but he has bought it all--hook, line, and sinker. Whether the inception of the idea began before he came to Washington, or whether The Iran Project, the National Iranian American Council, or the likes of the Leveretts cemented the approach he would adopt during negotiations, one thing is certain: The nuclear deal with Iran is a boon for all involved other than the U.S. and its allies in Israel and the wider Middle East. It marks America's definitive shift away from its traditional regional allies and defines a new relationship with a former adversary that is unfortunately based on hope rather than experience. The Iran lobby will no doubt celebrate this and build on their quiet and impressive success.

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The Fox, the Hen House, and Verifying Iran's Compliance

August 25, 2015  •  The Huffington Post

"Unprecedented" does not mean "effective" and this inspections regime is neither. For years the Obama administration said that any nuclear pact sealed with Iran would grant IAEA inspectors access to the Parchin military (and alleged nuclear) base. Such access is required as a prerequisite to establishing a workable verifications regime. The secret side deal obtained by the Associated Press was reached between the IAEA and Iran and it shows that Iran will be able to take its own samples from Parchin. Contrary to White House assurances, it means that the verifications regime will be be based on trust.

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Of Canards and Straw Men
The Case for the Iran Deal

July 22, 2015  •  American Thinker

John Kerry and Earnest Moniz took to the Sunday morning news shows unleashing a flock of canards, representing one falsehood after another. It came a few days after President Obama turned to his straw man arguments to sell his Iran deal. As the President said, "the facts are the facts" but he isn't entitled to make up his own. The critics of this historic deal are asking important questions and have proposed real alternatives. These ideas need to be seriously considered and deserve more than partisan attacks by the Obama administration.

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The Lexus and the Lemon
Inside the Deal with Iran

July 21, 2015  •  The Huffington Post

The White House role-out of the nuclear deal with Iran has the feeling of a car dealer trying to pull a fast one over on his customer. You know the make, model, year, and color of the car you ordered and it's not the brown, rusted, bucket of bolts he's trying to give you when you show up. First, he tries telling you that it is, in fact, precisely the car you ordered. As you shake your head, he switches gears and tries to tell you how good the car is anyway when you can clearly see it's not roadworthy. Frustrated, you demand to receive the vehicle he promised you. Who wouldn't?

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Leveraging Sanctions with Iran

April 28, 2015  •  The Jerusalem Post

There is no reason to believe that Iran will come clean regarding its nuclear program if Washington surrenders its remaining leverage. Nor is it reasonable to hang one's hat on the belief that Iran will moderate its behavior if both its diplomatic and financial isolation is ended. Like any clause contemplated in a deal with Iran, removing sanctions should be behavior-based, not an automatic reward for reversible promises. Washington should seek to keep oil-based sanctions in place for as long as possible and only dole out such relief in exchange for Iran's verifiable compliance.

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