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U.S. Policy in Lebanon Is Now Helping Hezbollah and Iran

August 16, 2017  •  The Weekly Standard

The U.S. is deploying special forces on the ground in Lebanon to provide training for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) for missions that partner with Hezbollah—Iran's most valuable terrorist ally—against ISIS. The American presence is "to monitor the U.S. military aid delivered to the army," a reference to the $1.4 billion in security assistance the U.S. has provided Lebanon since 2005, $80 million of which the LAF received last year in equipment and training. The problem with the policy expansion in Lebanon is that the LAF today is simply another arm of Hezbollah, the terrorist group that runs Lebanon. Israel comes out as the big loser in all of this and Hezbollah, Iran, and the Syrian butcher, Bashar al-Assad are the winners.

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Israeli Security Chiefs Head to Washington to Discuss Iran, Syria, and Lebanon

August 15, 2017  •  ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Michelle Makori on i24News ClearCut to discuss the Israeli delegation's upcoming visit to Washington where Iran, Syria, and Lebanon will be on the menu. Brodsky previews the meeting and the topics of Iran's regional ascendancy in the face of ISIS defeats, Trump administration options on the nuclear deal with Iran, and U.S. support for the Lebanese Armed Forces even as they work with Hezbollah. The Israeli team of Yossi Cohen, director of the Mossad intelligence agency; Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi, chief of the Israel Defense Forces' military intelligence; and Zohar Palti, director of the Defense Ministry's political-security department, will certainly have a full plate when they meet U.S. national security adviser, H.R. McMaster; the deputy national security adviser, Dina Power; and special Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt.

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As ISIS Retreats Iranian Influence Grows in the Middle East

August 14, 2017  •  Perspectives with Denise Wood / i24News

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Denise Wood of i24News Perspectives to discuss Israel's Mossad claim that Iran is filling the vacuum left by the retreat of ISIS in the Middle East and if the Trump administration has a plan to combat such developments. Brodsky explains that the increased tension is likely to be felt for the foreseeable future between Israel and Iran through it's chief terrorist proxy, Hezbollah. It may well come down to a what assurances and follow on actions the U.S. provides Israel regarding Iran and Hezbollah's gaining territory in Syria or the latter's increased firepower in Lebanon. The question is at what point will Israel decide that it can no longer live with the threat to its north or when will Iran will make the strategic decision to have Hezbollah attack Israel. The Iranian nuclear question looms as a primary consideration in that decision for both sides.

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Israeli Concerns Over U.S. Support for Lebanese Armed Forces

August 8, 2017  •  Perspectives with Denise Wood / i24News

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins former Sen. Joe Lieberman on i24News Perspectives with Denise Wood to discuss the Trump administration's policy of training, arming, and supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) in Lebanon, even as they partner with Hezbollah to wage war against a variety of Sunni terrorist organizations. The U.S. appears to have fallen for a con and should revise its Lebanon policy and adopt a larger strategy that pushes back on Iran.

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Middle East Flashpoints: The Qatar Effect in Syria and Iran Deal Options

August 7, 2017  •  Secure Freedoom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins host Fred Fleitz, Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs at the Center for Security Policy, to discuss a range of Middle East issues on Secure Freedom Radio. They explore two of Brodsky's recent articles, Qatar's Dirty Hands in the National Review and A State Department Gone Rogue on Iran in the Jerusalem Post. According to Brodsky, when it comes to America's Iran policy not only is the State Department failing to provide President Trump options on how to handle the nuclear deal but the circular firing squad in the White House and NSC is preventing the completion of the Iran policy review, which leaves the administration without a net if it pulls out of the agreement. He also explains Qatar's role in stoking the Sunni Islamist flames in Syria and Libya, even as it cozies up with Shia Iran.

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