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Iranian Gunships Attempt to Seize British Tanker

July 10, 2019  •  ClearCut+ with Michelle Makori / i24News

As the news broke that Iran attempted to make good on President Rouhani's threat to seize a British tanker, Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Middle East analyst Naseer Alomari on i24News "ClearCut+" with Michelle Makori to break down its implications.

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Is the Palestinian Authority Trying to Re-Engage with the Trump Administration?

July 9, 2019  •  ClearCut+ with Roxanne Evans / i24News

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Roxanne Evans on i24News "ClearCut+" to discuss the report initially carried in Israel HaYom that claimed Palestinian Chief of the General Intelligence Services Majed Faraj had established a back channel with the Trump administration seeking to re-engage on the peace process with Israel.

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The Palestinian Authority is Drifting Toward Irrelevance After the Bahrain Workshop

June 26, 2019  •  ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News

i24News' Nurit Ben puts a wrap on the "Peace to Prosperity" economic workshop in Bahrain, which is part of the peace plan Jared Kushner dubbed the "Opportunity of the Century" for Palestinians and Israelis. Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Michelle Makori and a panel discussion with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield and Middle East analyst Naseer Alomari on i24News "ClearCut."

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Jared Kushner is Right About Palestinians, Despite Criticism He's Received

June 16, 2019  •  Fox News

Jared Kushner is right about the Palestinian Authority. It's far from certain whether the current entrenched and fossilized Palestinian leadership can stand without a web of Israeli security cooperation, or whether it can function without the financial corruption that promotes the maintenance of the status quo.

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Palestinians Prep to Spite Themselves... Again

June 6, 2019  •  New York Post

That Erekat and the PA are so invested in torpedoing a conference that aims to improve their own people's lives is yet another remarkable example of Palestinians cutting off their nose to spite their face. Those who profess to be pro-Palestinian, should do all they can to ensure the success of the gathering and, most important, push PA leaders to get on board, rather than bolstering their contention that continued obstruction will somehow, one day pay future dividends.

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