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Washington and the Tunnel War Between Israel and Hezbollah عاصمة_القرار - واشنطن و"حرب الأنفاق" بين إسرائيل و"حزب الله

December 7, 2018  •  Decision Capital / Al-Hurra (Arabic)

Israel's Operation Northern Shield is exposing Hezbollah's cross-border tunnels from Lebanon into Israel and it seems to have caught UNIFIL by surprise. What do these revelations mean for the wider region? Does their exposure bring Israel and Lebanon closer to war? Washington has come out decisively on Israel's side, saying it has the right to defend itself against any aggression, including Hezbollah's attack tunnels. Anchor Michel Ghandour hosts Matthew RJ Brodsky and Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Atlantic Council Nabeel Khoury for a lively, in-studio debate to discuss these developments, how we arrived at this point, and what moves can be expected next.

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The White House Supports Israel's Operation Against Hezbollah's Tunnels - البيت الأبيض يدعم أي عملية عسكرية إسرائيلية ضد أنفاق حزب الله

December 4, 2018  •  Al-Hadath (Arabic)

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Al-Hadath to discuss what Israel's operation "Northern Shield" means for the region. The Israeli operation targeted Hezbollah's cross-border tunnels from Lebanon and may go on for a few weeks. They also discussed Iran's growing regional entrenchment, why the U.S. supports the Israeli position, and the current rules of engagement between Israel on one hand, and Iran and Hezbollah on the other. Brodsky contends that the U.S. supports the Israeli operation because it is a part of the regional plan to push back on Iran and from a military standpoint, Israel is currently serving as the tip of that spear.

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Has Donald Trump Abandoned the Palestinians?
What do the cuts to USAID mean for Palestinians and Israel?

November 29, 2018  •  The Newsmakers / TRT World

The U.S. State Department informed USAID that 60 percent of its employees will be dismissed as the first step in a shutdown that will be finalized by 2019. The White House says the decision will force Palestinians to the negotiating table to talk peace with Israel. But could Donald Trump's hardline approach also lead to more poverty and unrest in the region? Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Dave Harden, the former senior USAID official covering West Bank and Gaza, and Jennifer Atala, former senior manager with USAID in the West Bank and Gaza for a spirited panel discussion on TRT World's "The Newsmakers," anchored by Imran Garda.

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Report: Iran Could Have Nuclear Weapons Within Months

November 26, 2018  •  ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News

A new report based on the Iranian nuclear archive recovered by Israel sheds new light on Iran's progress toward nuclear weaponization. Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Michelle Makori on i24News "ClearCut" to discuss the worrying revelations, along with the implications of Israel's deepening ties with a host of nations.

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Is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Losing Royal Support?

November 20, 2018  •  The Newsmakers / TRT World

Reuters reported that dozens of princes and cousins within Saudi Arabia's ruling family want a change over who will become the next King. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been under increasing criticism for a crackdown against powerful businessmen and members of his own family, along with the war in Yemen, and the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Saudi and Gulf affairs expert Ali al-Ahmed and Turkish-Arab Media Association Executive Director Fatih Oke for an intense discussion on TRT World's "The Newsmakers."

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