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U.S.- Iran Brinkmanship: Could War of Words Spiral Out of Control?

May 20, 2019  •  The Debate / France 24

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Research Fellow at IRIS (French Research Centre for International and Strategic Studies) Thierry Coville; Associate Professor from University of Tehran Mohammed Marandi; and Fellow at the East West Institute Tara Kangarlou on France 24 "The Debate." They discuss the rising tensions between Iran and the U.S. and it gets rather heated.

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The 'Drumbeat of War' Narrative Obscures Reality with Iran

May 16, 2019  •  Perspectives with Tracy Alexander / i24News

As tensions with Iran escalate in the Middle East, President Trump receives the Swiss president in Washington. Meanwhile, the State Department ordered all non-essential staff to leave Iraq, as Iran vows to resume nuclear activities and shifts its military footing. Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Middle East Correspondent Emily Rose and Defense Correspondent Daniel Tsemach on i24News "Perspectives" with Tracy Alexander to discuss the latest developments.

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A 'Nakba Day' Discussion about the 'Deal of the Century'

May 15, 2019  •  Bigger Than Five | TRT World

With the indications from the White House that the long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan will be released in mid-June, Matthew RJ Brodsky joins anchor Ghida Fakhry on TRT World's "Bigger Than Five" to explain why people should keep an open mind and engage constructively when it is released.

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How Iran Hopes to Use Europe to Pressure the U.S.

May 13, 2019  •  ClearCut+ with Michelle Makori / i24News

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Michelle Makori on i24News "ClearCut+" to discuss the rising tension in the Persian Gulf, the attack on an oil tanker U.S. intelligence believes points to Iran, and what audience the regime in Tehran is intending to message with its sabre-rattling.

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Dangerous Escalation? Iran to Roll Back Nuclear Deal as U.S. Steps Up Sanctions

May 8, 2019  •  The Debate / France 24

How far could it escalate? One year after Donald Trump decided to walk away from the Iran nuclear deal and days after he effectively banned the rest of the world from buying Iranian oil, Tehran is responding in kind - giving the other signatories of the 2015 UN-brokered agreement 60 days to get back on board or it'll suspend parts of its pledges. How far will it go in a week that's seen an alarming amount of sabre rattling?

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