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Why the Middle East Needs the Qatar Crisis
Jun 17, 2017

Erdo─čan's Poor Choice of Traveling Companions
Jun 15, 2017

The Normal Person's Guide To The Qatari Cold War
Jun 14, 2017

America's Political Gamble in Syria May Not Pay Off
Jun 11, 2017

The Qatar Conundrum
Jun 7, 2017

The Political and Policy Impact of Trump's Visit to the Middle East
May 31, 2017

Trump's Trip to Israel Built Hope, But May Not Bring Significant Change
May 29, 2017

Trump's Message to the Middle East Couldn't Be More Different from Obama's
May 26, 2017

A Requiem for the Assad-Family Dynasty in Syria
Apr 21, 2017

America's Tomahawk Telegram Sends a Clear Message to Assad
Apr 7, 2017

Recalibrating the Rules of Engagement Between Hezbollah and Israel
Mar 27, 2017

Can Trump Refrain from Repeating His Predecessor's Mistakes in Syria?
Mar 18, 2017

Assad is Not the Solution in Syria
Mar 9, 2017

Trump, the Golan Heights, and Regional Progress
Feb 27, 2017

Trump Starts to Put the Squeeze on Iran's International Terror Operations
Feb 23, 2017

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