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Title Publication Date
Recalibrating the Rules of Engagement Between Hezbollah and Israel The Hill March 27, 2017
Can Trump Refrain from Repeating His Predecessor's Mistakes in Syria? The National Interest March 18, 2017
Assad is Not the Solution in Syria The Hill March 9, 2017
Trump, the Golan Heights, and Regional Progress The Jerusalem Post February 27, 2017
The Great Game: Israeli, Hezbollah, and Iranian Edition The Huffington Post January 30, 2015
Progress on Syria Peace Talks? CCTV America January 21, 2014
Syria - World Almanac of Islamism (2012) The American Foreign Policy Council's World Almanac of Islamism 2013
Turmoil in Syria and Egypt CCTV America October 6, 2013
Dateline Defense: Syrian Diplomacy, Obama's Speech, and the Russian Plan ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" September 11, 2013
Syria Crisis: Russia's Proposal Provides Obama an Exit CCTV America September 9, 2013
Obama's Shot Across Syria's Bow The Washington Times September 2, 2013
Syria Intervention: Necessary Action or Grave Mistake? CCTV America August 30, 2013
Dateline Defense: Palestinian-Israeli Peace Talks, The EU's Decision on Hezbollah, and U.S. Military Options in Syria ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" July 25, 2013
Dateline Defense: The Divergent Interests in the Syrian Cauldron ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" May 22, 2013
Tension on the Syrian-Israeli Border CCTV News May 21, 2013
More Than a Matter of Words The Times of Israel May 13, 2013
Israel's Game-Changer with Hezbollah The Washington Times May 8, 2013
Syria to Permit Palestinians to Attack Israel The Jerusalem Post May 7, 2013
Analysis: Israel Strikes Syria, Sends A Message To The Region Washington Jewish Week May 6, 2013
Never Mind that Red Line in Syria Rare May 2, 2013
Washington's Equivocation on Syria Secure Freedom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show April 30, 2013
Dateline Defense: The Obama Administration's Red Line with Syria ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" April 29, 2013
The Cost of Inaction in Syria The Huffington Post April 29, 2013
The Syria Crisis: Should the U.S. Get Involved? CCTV America April 26, 2013
Free Syrian Army fighters aren't extremists or 'al-Qaeda types,' group's DC fundraiser insists The Times of Israel September 29, 2012
U.S. at a Crossroads inFOCUS Quarterly September 13, 2012
The American Debate Over Syria CCTV: The Heat June 24, 2012
Update on the Situation in Syria Secure Freedom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show May 30, 2012
'Jihad Central' in Syria The Times of Israel May 24, 2012
Flunking the Syria Test The Journal of International Security Affairs Spring/Summer 2012
Consistently Inconsistent on Syria The Times of Israel April 27, 2012
Russia's Show of Syrian Force The Huffington Post April 5, 2012
The 'Desert Rose' Who's Standing by her Murderous Husband The Times of Israel April 3, 2012
The View from Israel: Interview with Yoram Hessel inFOCUS Quarterly February 15, 2012
Crisis in Syria CCTV News February 12, 2012
Wrong Assumptions on Syria American Spectator February 1, 2012
A Look at the Civil War in Syria TBD / News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" December 1, 2011
Where is Syria Headed? Secure Freedom Radio November 16, 2011
The Case for Intervening in Syria The National Interest November 16, 2011
Putting the Squeeze on Syria New York Daily News November 14, 2011
The U.S. Must Ratchet Up Pressure on Syria The Guardian November 4, 2011
Palestinian Statehood and Middle East Unrest: An Interview with Amos Yadlin inFOCUS Quarterly September 15, 2011
Syria - World Almanac of Islamism (2011) The American Foreign Policy Council's World Almanac of Islamism June 21, 2011
America's Irresponsible Silence on Syria The American Spectator May 11, 2011
Where's that reset button? Jerusalem Post January 6, 2011
Obama and the Syrian Trap YNet News January 5, 2011
Syria's Dangerous Behavior Secure Freedom Radio January 3, 2011
Syria and the Obama Administration National Security Policy Proceedings Vol 2 - Center for Security Policy Summer 2010
Of Trees and Tribunals: Lebanon's Growing Headache American Thinker August 8, 2010
Assessing U.S. Counterterrorism Strategies: An Interview with Michael Chertoff inFOCUS Quarterly May 27, 2010
Hope Over Experience With Syria inFOCUS Quarterly Spring 2010
Middle East Scorecard: An Interview with Lee Smith inFOCUS Quarterly February 28, 2010
Dithering on Damascus The Jerusalem Post February 23, 2010
Saudi Arabia Appoints Ambassador to Syria The Jerusalem Post July 7, 2009
Why Syrian-Israeli Peace Deals Fail inFOCUS Quarterly Spring 2009
On the Road to Damascus The Washington Times February 26, 2009
American Carrots for Syrian Sticks? The Jerusalem Post November 26, 2008

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Chemical Weapons Attack Kills Over 1,000 in Syria Blog August 22, 2013
Syria's al-Nusra Front Pledges Allegiance to Al-Qaeda Blog April 11, 2013
Syria's Escalating Violence Promises Further Regional Instability Blog June 28, 2012
Losing Focus Blog May 26, 2011
The Syrian Spring is a Gift, Will Obama Open It? Blog May 12, 2011

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
The Truth About Syria
by Barry Rubin
The Journal of International Security Affairs Spring 2009

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