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Title Publication Date
A Requiem for the Assad-Family Dynasty in Syria National Review April 21, 2017
America's Tomahawk Telegram Sends a Clear Message to Assad The National Interest April 7, 2017
Renewed U.S.-Egyptian Relations and the Possibility of a Hezbollah-Israel War Secure Freedom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show April 3, 2017
Recalibrating the Rules of Engagement Between Hezbollah and Israel The Hill March 27, 2017
Can Trump Refrain from Repeating His Predecessor's Mistakes in Syria? The National Interest March 18, 2017
Assad is Not the Solution in Syria The Hill March 9, 2017
Trump, the Golan Heights, and Regional Progress The Jerusalem Post February 27, 2017
Trump Starts to Put the Squeeze on Iran's International Terror Operations The Daily Beast February 23, 2017
History in the Making: Trump and Netanyahu Square Off The National Interest February 13, 2017
Make the Most of the Bad Nuclear Deal The Jerusalem Post February 12, 2017
Trump Should Expand America's Relationship with Jordan The Huffington Post January 30, 2017
Is the Two-State Solution at Risk Because of Israeli Settlements? The Huffington Post January 19, 2017
How Obama Confused Tactics for Strategy on Israeli Settlements The Huffington Post January 18, 2017
4 Principles for the Paris Peace Conference The Huffington Post January 14, 2017
Obama Denies U.S. Was Behind the Anti-Israel UN Resolution – So What Happened? The Huffington Post January 9, 2017
A Bipartisan Push to Undo Obama's UN Resolution? The Huffington Post January 5, 2017
Team Obama's Last Gasp for Middle East Peace Explained The Huffington Post January 2, 2017
Is Obama's Hanukkah Gift a Palestinian State? The Huffington Post December 26, 2016
The Clinton Emails and the Iran Lobby The Huffington Post September 4, 2015
Response to Obama's Webcast on the Iran Nuclear Deal JBS TV August 28, 2015
The Fox, the Hen House, and Verifying Iran's Compliance The Huffington Post August 25, 2015
An Israeli Debate Over the Iran Deal? CCTV America: The Heat August 3, 2015
Of Canards and Straw Men American Thinker July 22, 2015
The Lexus and the Lemon The Huffington Post July 21, 2015
Problems with the Iran Nuclear Deal CCTV America July 14, 2015
Nuclear Agreement Gives Iran a $50 Billion Signing Bonus to Fund Terrorism Secure Freedom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show April 29, 2015
Leveraging Sanctions with Iran The Jerusalem Post April 28, 2015
The Palestinian ICC Drama Show The National Interest April 23, 2015
Leveraging Sanctions with Iran The Huffington Post April 23, 2015
Can Sanctions on Iran 'Snap Back'? The Huffington Post April 15, 2015
'Framework Iran' Sequel Leaves Audiences and Critics Confused The Times of Israel April 11, 2015
The Two-State Solution and the White House Tantrum The Times of Israel March 24, 2015
After the Israeli Election: The Iran Issue and Re-Establishing Trust Between Obama and Netanyahu CCTV News: Asia Today March 18, 2015
Bibi is Right on Iran The National Interest March 17, 2015
The Circular Logic of Netanyahu's Critics American Thinker March 15, 2015
Netanyahu Speech Seen as Political Football in Run-Up to Election Washington Jewish Week March 12, 2015
The Day After Netanyahu's Speech The Huffington Post March 4, 2015
The Palestine 194 Plan for Legitimacy and Justice The Huffington Post February 23, 2015
The Great Game: Israeli, Hezbollah, and Iranian Edition The Huffington Post January 30, 2015
The Upcoming Battle Over Iran The Huffington Post January 26, 2015
Implications of the Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre CCTV America November 18, 2014
America Pressures Israel for Progress on the Peace Process CCTV America March 3, 2014
Progress on Syria Peace Talks? CCTV America January 21, 2014
What makes US-Israeli intelligence co-operation 'exceptional'? The Guardian September 13, 2013
Dateline Defense: Syrian Diplomacy, Obama's Speech, and the Russian Plan ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" September 11, 2013
Syria Crisis: Russia's Proposal Provides Obama an Exit CCTV America September 9, 2013
Obama's Shot Across Syria's Bow The Washington Times September 2, 2013
Syria Intervention: Necessary Action or Grave Mistake? CCTV America August 30, 2013
Glamorizing Terrorism The Times of Israel August 15, 2013
Key Issues as the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Talks Resume CCTV America July 30, 2013
Dateline Defense: Palestinian-Israeli Peace Talks, The EU's Decision on Hezbollah, and U.S. Military Options in Syria ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" July 25, 2013
Middle East Roundup Secure Freedom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show July 16, 2013
Dateline Defense: The Divergent Interests in the Syrian Cauldron ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" May 22, 2013
Tension on the Syrian-Israeli Border CCTV News May 21, 2013
More Than a Matter of Words The Times of Israel May 13, 2013
Never Mind that Red Line in Syria Rare May 2, 2013
Washington's Equivocation on Syria Secure Freedom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show April 30, 2013
Dateline Defense: The Obama Administration's Red Line with Syria ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" April 29, 2013
The Cost of Inaction in Syria The Huffington Post April 29, 2013
The Syria Crisis: Should the U.S. Get Involved? CCTV America April 26, 2013
The Enduring Israeli-U.S. Partnership: Interview with Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren inFOCUS Quarterly Spring 2013
Secretary John Kerry Sets Off for Multi-Stop Diplomatic Trip CCTV America April 7, 2013
Dateline Defense: Will Obama's Trip to Israel Produce any Tangible Results? ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" March 20, 2013
Iran's Nuclear Progress and U.S. Policy The Inside Scoop with Mark Levine on WPWC AM1480 March 17, 2013
Middle East Foreign Policy Continues to Challenge the U.S. CCTV America February 9, 2013
The Bungling of Benghazi The Chris Plante Show February 8, 2013
Dateline Defense: The Impact of Israel's Election on U.S. Foreign Policy ABC News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" January 29, 2013
Election Night in Israel: New Signs in the U.S.-Israeli Relationship CCTV America January 22, 2013
Should Washington Promote Middle East Democracy? Sh'ma December 2012
Foreign Policy After the Election ABC News Channel 8 "Morning Report" November 7, 2012
What Will Be the Top Foreign Policy Priorities for the Next U.S. President? CCTV: The Heat October 28, 2012
America's Credibility Problem With Iran inFOCUS Quarterly Fall 2012
Comparing the Candidates' Positions on Iran The Times of Israel October 12, 2012
U.S. at a Crossroads inFOCUS Quarterly September 13, 2012
The DNC Platform Debacle Over Jerusalem The Chris Plante Show September 6, 2012
The Threat from Iran inFOCUS Quarterly July 16, 2012
The American Debate Over Syria CCTV: The Heat June 24, 2012
Flunking the Syria Test The Journal of International Security Affairs Spring/Summer 2012
Consistently Inconsistent on Syria The Times of Israel April 27, 2012
Keeping U.S. and Israeli Red Lines Pink on Iran The Algemeiner March 9, 2012
How Washington Can Help Syria inFOCUS Quarterly Winter 2011
Have the Obama administration's Middle East Policies Made War More Or Less Likely? The Chris Plante Show February 7, 2012
Wrong Assumptions on Syria American Spectator February 1, 2012
A Look at the Civil War in Syria TBD / News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" December 1, 2011
Iran's Nuclear Weapons Threats TBD / News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" November 18, 2011
Where is Syria Headed? Secure Freedom Radio November 16, 2011
The Case for Intervening in Syria The National Interest November 16, 2011
Putting the Squeeze on Syria New York Daily News November 14, 2011
The U.S. Must Ratchet Up Pressure on Syria The Guardian November 4, 2011
Reviewing Obama's UN Record Sh'ma November 3, 2011
Get Serious on Iran Ynet News October 23, 2011
Are We Safer? Center for Security Policy September 8, 2011
President Obama's Position on the Peace Process WMAL 630: The Chris Plante Show May 25, 2011
The Mistaken Focus on the Peace Process Politico May 24, 2011
A Preliminary Assessment of Obama's Speech on the Middle East Politico May 19, 2011
America's Irresponsible Silence on Syria The American Spectator May 11, 2011
Middle East Unrest TBD News / News Channel 8 May 5, 2011
A Rapidly Changing World: An Interview with Douglas Feith inFOCUS Quarterly March 2, 2011
The Mad Man of Tripoli Politico March 1, 2011
ElBaradei not the solution Ynet News February 5, 2011
The real disconnect in the peace process The Guardian January 25, 2011
Where's that reset button? Jerusalem Post January 6, 2011
Obama and the Syrian Trap YNet News January 5, 2011
Changes to President Obama's peace efforts in the Middle East TBD / News Channel 8 "Capital Insider" December 15, 2010
Compounding Mistakes in the Middle East Peace Process Politico November 22, 2010
Who's an Enemy? American Thinker November 4, 2010
The Challenges Ahead: An Interview with Mike Pence inFOCUS Quarterly November 2, 2010
Syria and the Obama Administration National Security Policy Proceedings Vol 2 - Center for Security Policy Summer 2010
The American-Israeli Disparity Over Iran The Jerusalem Post June 22, 2010
Assessing U.S. Counterterrorism Strategies: An Interview with Michael Chertoff inFOCUS Quarterly May 27, 2010
Obama's Misguided Approach to Peacemaking American Thinker May 10, 2010
Hope Over Experience With Syria inFOCUS Quarterly Spring 2010
The Worst Crisis in 35 Years? National Review Online March 17, 2010
Middle East Scorecard: An Interview with Lee Smith inFOCUS Quarterly February 28, 2010
Dithering on Damascus The Jerusalem Post February 23, 2010
With Friends Like These The American Spectator September 8, 2009
The Persian Tightrope Middle East Opinion June 16, 2009
Can Obama mend relations with the Muslim world? Xinhua June 6, 2009
Obama and the Two Muslim Worlds The American Spectator June 3, 2009
Why Syrian-Israeli Peace Deals Fail inFOCUS Quarterly Spring 2009
On the Road to Damascus The Washington Times February 26, 2009
American Carrots for Syrian Sticks? The Jerusalem Post November 26, 2008

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Benghazi Testimony Reveals Lack of Coordination in U.S. Government Blog February 7, 2013
Syria's Escalating Violence Promises Further Regional Instability Blog June 28, 2012
Obama and Sarkozy's Insulting Gaffe Blog November 9, 2011
Losing Focus Blog May 26, 2011
The Syrian Spring is a Gift, Will Obama Open It? Blog May 12, 2011

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