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Writings by Topic: Iraq

Title Publication Date
Washington Stresses it Will Not Withdraw from Iraq - واشنطن تؤكد أنها لن تناقش انسحاب قواتها من العراق Sky News Arabia January 10, 2020
New Sanctions on Iran as the Regime Scrubs the Crash Site of an Airliner it Shot Down ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News January 10, 2020
After Trump's Speech: The Prospects for War - بعد خطاب ترامب.. هل زال شبح الحرب؟ Beyond the News ماوراء الخبر / Al-Jazeera (Arabic) January 9, 2020
Iran and the West: Escalating Tensions - إيران والغرب .. علاقات متوترة Al-Araby (Arabic) January 7, 2020
How Dangerous is the Situation Between the U.S. and Iran? The Bottom Line / Al-Jazeera English January 7, 2020
Defense Secretary Esper Addresses the Future of U.S. Forces in Iraq Ghorfit al-Akhbar (Newsroom) with Mohammad Khatib / Sky News Arabia (Arabic) January 7, 2020
The Future of American Forces in Iraq - مستقبل وجود القوات الأميركية في العراق Beyond the News ماوراء الخبر / Al-Jazeera (Arabic) January 6, 2020
The U.S. Takes Down Qassem Soleimani ClearCut with Derricke Dennis / i24News January 3, 2020
Debating President Trump's Decision to Take Out Qassem Soleimani Special Edition with Calev Ben-David / i24News January 3, 2020
Why the U.S. Should Focus on Qassem Soleimani EWTN News Nightly January 2, 2020
Trump Threatens Iran Over Its Attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Panorama بانوراما / Al-Arabiya (Arabic) January 1, 2020
The Iraqi Fear of Turning into a Proxy War Between Washington and Tehran - مخاوف من تحول العراق إلى ساحة حرب بالوكالة بين طهران وواشنطن Sky News Arabia January 1, 2020
Is the Iranian Attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Trump's Benghazi? The Larry O'Connor Show / 105.9 FM WMAL December 31, 2019
Iran's Militias Attack the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq Al-Jazeera (Arabic) December 31, 2019
Iran and the U.S. Trade Blows in Iraq - العراق والولايات المتحدة.. قطرة أفاضت الكأس Hassad الحصاد / Al-Jazeera (Arabic) December 30, 2019
The U.S. Responds with Strikes on Iran's Proxies in Iraq and Syria Sky News Arabia December 30, 2019
Iran's Meddling in Iraq's Affairs is a Driver Behind the Protests - مظاهرات العراق والضغوط الخارجية Beyond the News ماوراء الخبر / Al-Jazeera (Arabic) December 10, 2019
How Iran's Malign Activities Impact the Region and the Effect of U.S. Sanctions Al-Hurra (Arabic) December 8, 2019
The Crisis in Iraq and U.S. Sanctions - العراق الأزمة بين الداخل والخارج Hassad الحصاد / Al-Jazeera (Arabic) December 7, 2019
Baghdadi's Death and the Future of ISIS - تفاصيل تصفية البغدادي Al-Hurra October 31, 2019
Growing Public Anger Against Iran's Proxies in Lebanon and Iraq - تنامي الغضب الشعبي ضد وكلاء إيران في كل من لبنان والعراق Sky News Arabia (Arabic) October 30, 2019
John Bolton's Departure, Attacks in Syria's Idlib, and Israeli Strikes Around the Region The Axis / Orient News English September 17, 2019
Iran's Increasing Arsenal and Israel's Expanding Strikes - هجمات إسرائيلية متشعّبة.. وأذرع إيران الذريعة Ghorfit al-Akhbar (Newsroom) with Mohammad Khatib / Sky News Arabia (Arabic) August 27, 2019
Iran Unveils a New Air Defense System ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News August 22, 2019
Israel Attacks Iranian Positions in Iraq and an Iranian Oil Tanker Leaks Near Syria ClearCut+ with Michelle Makori / i24News July 30, 2019
The 'Drumbeat of War' Narrative Obscures Reality with Iran Perspectives with Tracy Alexander / i24News May 16, 2019
What to Expect from the Middle East Portion of Trump's State of the Union Address Panorama on Al-Arabiya (Arabic) February 5, 2019
Explaining Trump's 'Face the Nation' Interview in an Iraqi Context Al-Ghad TV (Arabic) February 4, 2019
Iraqi Sources Discover Iranian Missiles Set to Target a U.S. Base in Western Iraq Sky News Arabia (Arabic) February 2, 2019
What to Make of Secretary Pompeo's Cairo Speech? Sky News Arabia (Arabic) January 10, 2019
The Fate of Iran's Nuclear Program after the Latest Extension 30 Minutes / Al-Hurra TV (Arabic) January 13, 2018
America's Missing Plan in the Middle East Stateside with David Shuster / i24News November 10, 2017
One Year Later: The Trump Effect in the Middle East Perspectives with Tracy Alexander / i24News November 8, 2017
Iran and the Geography of Faith Al-Hurra TV (Arabic) November 1, 2017
The Iran Deal Debate, Syria Policy, and the Kurdistan Regional Government Secure Freedom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show October 31, 2017
The Future of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq Al-Hurra TV (Arabic) October 30, 2017
The Kurdish Divide in Northern Iraq ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News October 30, 2017
Tillerson's Middle East Trip and the Problem of Conflicting Messages Crossroads with Michelle Makori & David Shuster / i24News October 23, 2017
What's Next for ISIS after Raqqa? Stateside with David Shuster / i24News October 17, 2017
The U.S. Needs to Shift Focus from ISIS to Iran The Rundown with Calev Ben-David / i24News October 17, 2017
Iraqi Forces Capture Kirkuk from the Kurds Perspectives with Tracy Alexander / i24News October 16, 2017
What Role Can the Gulf States Play in Trump's Iran Strategy? Al-Hurra TV (Arabic) October 14, 2017
Why Obama's Iran Policy Has Turned Out Bad for the Middle East Al-Hurra TV (Arabic) October 2, 2017
The Kurdish Referendum, the Iraqi Central Government, and America's Middle East Leverage Secure Freedoom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show September 28, 2017
A New Era for the Kurdish People? Pespectives with Tracy Alexander / i24News September 27, 2017
Kexit: How Kurdish Independence Could Reshape the Middle East The National Interest September 22, 2017

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