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When Everything is Racist There's No Room for Reason

April 22, 2021  •  Newsweek

The harnessing of individual grievances and woke ideologies for the Left's perpetual expansion of political power constitutes a poison pill for the American political body. A real debate over immigration and voting rights is necessary. Panning everything as racist and silencing dissenting voices, at a time when too few politicians demonstrate courage, seems about as far away as one can get from what America's Founders intended.

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Biden's National Security Strategy Aims To Take The Leftist Culture War Global

March 10, 2021  •  The Federalist

President Biden's Strategic Guidance promotes and redefines a leftist wish list as not only a vital American interest but as a vital global interest. In doing so, it completely erases the line between domestic and foreign policy, replacing it with new dividing lines that pit Americans against one another. America's genuine adversaries will likely view this document with a mixture of relief, laughter, and incredulity. Americans who read it carefully will realize it's a national security document that will not make them one bit safer.

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Reaction to the Khashoggi Report and Biden's Woke Approach to Saudi Arabia and Iran

March 1, 2021  •  i24News with Benita Levin

Matthew RJ Brodsky joins i24News with Benita Levin on the heels of State Department spokesman Ned Price's press conference on the Khashoggi report. They also discuss the Biden administration's developing approach on Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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The Nuclear Impasse: The Geopolitical Stalemate Between the U.S. and Iran

February 11, 2021  •  The Newsmakers / TRT World

It's a diplomatic version of Catch-22 being played out in an international scale. The U.S. says Iran must return to the negotiating table - and full compliance - before it lifts sanctions. Tehran says the U.S. needs to lift sanctions before it even thinks about pulling up a chair. America insists Iran concede first. Iran insists the more America procrastinates, the more it stands to lose. Meanwhile, Rouhani only has a few months left in office and with a "hardliner" expected to be elected the next president in June, the future of the deal is uncertain. So what's next? Senior Fellow at the Gold Institute for International Strategy Matthew RJ Brodsky joins Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council Holly Dagres; and author of "America And Iran A History: 1720 To The Present" and Executive Director of the Middle East Center at the University of Pennsylvania John Ghazvinian on TRT World's The Newsmakers with Alican Ayanlar.

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Houthis Attack Saudi Airport Days After Biden Removes Them from Terror List

February 10, 2021  •  i24News with Benita Levin

Why did the Houthis attack Saudi Arabia just days after the Biden administration removed them from the terrorist list? What is the larger regional context in which this took place and what should we make of Saudi Arabia's response? Matthew RJ Brodsky joins host Benita Levin on i24News to discuss these issues, as well as Iran's attempts to increase its leverage over the U.S. before discussing the nuclear issue. Brodsky also addresses Biden's different approach to the Abraham Accords and discusses the key takeaway from Biden's decision to not yet call Israeli PM Netanyahu now some three weeks into his administration.

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